Positive mind+Positive choices= Positive life!

Ok so first off, I pride myself on being pretty transparent as a person, but when I really examined myself I knew that there was such a large part of me that was DYING inside! I tried so hard to display myself as a happy, self-aware, and organized person, but in reality I was still in such a transition internally that it was leaving me tired, depressed and self-pitying at the end of each day! But, I’m here to tell you that there is MORE to that in life! I’m talking to everyone, but specifically that mama that has pushed her needs completely aside because of your children, husband & household chores (which are all SUPER important for us mamas)! I am talking to you, because I was you! A stay at home mama that was overly tired and didn’t take care of my body or invest in my health/happiness! This is my personal journey to self-love and happiness!  I do realize that everyones outlet is different, but it all leads back to the same belief…. a belief in YOURSELF to pursue whatever makes YOU feel the best you can! Which in turn, allow allows you to more effectively pour into your children, husband and others!

A little bit of my back story. Growing up, I was always the skinny girl. I was totally that person that can eat a cheeseburger, fries and a soda and it didn’t affect me whatsoever (aka a metabolism from the GODS haha) The downfall of that, which I learned later in life, was that I had clue how to eat healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle. I was also a dancer and cheerleader, so I was definitely active throughout my middle school/high school years! Once I hit college, my weight fluctuated but I never had trouble shedding it when I wanted to! Fast forward to 25! I got pregnant and was in pretty decent shape and after Branson was born I shed the weight pretty quickly without trying, but I still lacked MAJOR energy and motivation! I knew I didn’t feel healthy even though I was dropping weight! Two years later, I got pregnant with Asher and my post pregnancy experience was AWFUL! I was so uncomfortable in my skin and was legit so tired that I needed multiple naps a day and never felt rested in the mornings! I wanted a change, but didn’t know how what to do to transform my life. I pondered on this for over a year y’all! I knew I didn’t recognize the body I was living in and more importantly I hated the way I felt! I ate my feelings…. like legit ate everything! Nothing in moderation, just splurged day and night. I was going to Starbucks every morning (and getting an iced coffee, which i now know its freaking 450 calories) on the way to drop my son at preschool and  dropping at least $10-15 on snacks and treats a day! Straight cray to think about it now! Anyways, I am not here to say, “Don’t have a doughnut!” Believe me, I am the first to have that glass of wine! But, what I am saying is invest in YOUR body!!!! After all, you only have one of them in this life!

Starting the Isagenix super foods system has truly been such a motivating factor in my life in the past 3 months! I have mixed their products with the gym a few times a week and have gotten AMAZING results! I’ve tried every damn protein shake under the sun and theirs is legit the smoothest, best flavor EVER! Not to mention they are 24 grams of the highest quality indenatured whey protein! Their products have helped me shed weight, gain energy and just feel better in general! The community that surrounds Isagenix is freaking AMAZING! The most positive, uplifting and encouraging men & women on the planet!! The best part, there is something for EVERYONE in their different product lines, including: weight loss, energy, performance (helps to maximize your workout, pre and post), and healthy aging!

If you are interested in learning more about the products and systems, email me (acresandanchors@gmail.com) and we can chat! I’m telling you, you won’t regret it!

SIDE NOTE: Isagenix does NOT sponsor me, I am sharing with y’all because I truly just LOVE their products 😉