This is the good stuff…

So this morning I dropped Bran off to school & took Asher to his 8 week appt aka shots!Ughh the worst… especially for mommy! :(He fell asleep right after the shots so I decided to stop by Panera to grab a breakfast sammy & some caffeine to start the day! A beautiful older woman came over to us and was oohing & aahing over Asher and how precious he was. She then stopped talking and just stared at him and then looked at me and said “this is the good stuff!” Such a simple statement, but her words continued to replay in my head. She was right. This IS the good stuff. The days are long, but the years are short. These are the times we will look back at in 20 years and laugh at how we handled everything! This life is not a dress rehearsal, we are living in it! Let’s soak up every moment as best we can, good AND bad! I have learned (after having a second baby), that sometimes it’s better to sit and hold your baby then to worry about the piles of laundry & the dishes in the sink. Don’t get me wrong, I fail at that on a regular basis, but I’m trying…trying to worry less about the mess and embrace the present time with my boys!