Heaven is our home!

So it has been a HOT minute since I’ve blogged, but I have something major on my heart today! Ok…. so parenting is EXHAUSTING…rewarding… but exhausting! I love pouring all of myself (somedays more than others) into my little babes! They have brought me SO much joy and meaning to this life! However, I feel like my relationship with Jesus is at a stand still because I have failed to take the time for myself, by myself. Like… I know Jesus is there and I thank Him everyday for my beautiful life, however I have stopped taking the time to get to know Him more! Anyone other mamas feel this way?

So… with that being said, I decided (during nap time) to start re-exploring my intimate relationship with Him! I found a devotional that I started, but never finished, and opened to a random page to get some inspiration! The topic was “Heaven is Home.” This spoke right to me today! We get so wrapped up in our daily stresses and sometimes forget that Heaven is our TRUE home! Our earthly life is so short in comparison to what we have waiting for us in Heaven! In John 16:33, Jesus tells us HE has overcome the troubles of this world. We should trust Him, and we should obey His commandments. When we do, we can withstand any problem, knowing that our troubles are temporary, but that Heaven is not! I am totally guilty of letting negative things take over my mood and even the way I treat my husband, kids, family & friends! I think this is a battle that most people go through on a daily basis! Lets encourage each other mamas! We NEED time for ourselves too! I believe that being a mom requires a lot of self-sacrifice (which is totally worth it), but this is not something that we can afford to loose! The more that we get to know our Maker, the more that we can share this unconditional love with not only our babies, but everyone around us!

One of these days, our Father will scoop us up in His strong arms and we will hear Him say those sweet and comforting words, “Come on, child. We’re going home”  -Gloria Gaither