Purpose Jewelry holds such a special place in my heart! They are an amazing company that provides hundreds of young women around the country  PURPOSE through their jewelry! Purpose employs women who have been rescued from sexual slavery and gives them the opportunity to earn a fair wage, but more importantly empower them and show them their worth! One of my favorite things is each piece contains a tag that is signed by the woman who made it!!

This Mothers Day, instead of giving a one gift, give two; one to the special lady in your life and the other to the beautiful women behind Purpose!! They just launched a Mothers Day collection that contains some absolutely beautiful mugs, watercolor cards/prints and unique jewelry!

A few of my favorite mamas partnered up with Purpose and myself to showcase some of their beautiful pieces!! My absolute favorite go-to necklace is their gold Chevron necklace! 



Photos by: Sarah Vanderford Photography

A special thanks to Lauren Mulloy and Christina Boyce for helping show off these gorgeous pieces 🙂





Mothers Day with Purpose

Positive mind+Positive choices= Positive life!

Ok so first off, I pride myself on being pretty transparent as a person, but when I really examined myself I knew that there was such a large part of me that was DYING inside! I tried so hard to display myself as a happy, self-aware, and organized person, but in reality I was still in such a transition internally that it was leaving me tired, depressed and self-pitying at the end of each day! But, I’m here to tell you that there is MORE to that in life! I’m talking to everyone, but specifically that mama that has pushed her needs completely aside because of your children, husband & household chores (which are all SUPER important for us mamas)! I am talking to you, because I was you! A stay at home mama that was overly tired and didn’t take care of my body or invest in my health/happiness! This is my personal journey to self-love and happiness!  I do realize that everyones outlet is different, but it all leads back to the same belief…. a belief in YOURSELF to pursue whatever makes YOU feel the best you can! Which in turn, allow allows you to more effectively pour into your children, husband and others!

A little bit of my back story. Growing up, I was always the skinny girl. I was totally that person that can eat a cheeseburger, fries and a soda and it didn’t affect me whatsoever (aka a metabolism from the GODS haha) The downfall of that, which I learned later in life, was that I had clue how to eat healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle. I was also a dancer and cheerleader, so I was definitely active throughout my middle school/high school years! Once I hit college, my weight fluctuated but I never had trouble shedding it when I wanted to! Fast forward to 25! I got pregnant and was in pretty decent shape and after Branson was born I shed the weight pretty quickly without trying, but I still lacked MAJOR energy and motivation! I knew I didn’t feel healthy even though I was dropping weight! Two years later, I got pregnant with Asher and my post pregnancy experience was AWFUL! I was so uncomfortable in my skin and was legit so tired that I needed multiple naps a day and never felt rested in the mornings! I wanted a change, but didn’t know how what to do to transform my life. I pondered on this for over a year y’all! I knew I didn’t recognize the body I was living in and more importantly I hated the way I felt! I ate my feelings…. like legit ate everything! Nothing in moderation, just splurged day and night. I was going to Starbucks every morning (and getting an iced coffee, which i now know its freaking 450 calories) on the way to drop my son at preschool and  dropping at least $10-15 on snacks and treats a day! Straight cray to think about it now! Anyways, I am not here to say, “Don’t have a doughnut!” Believe me, I am the first to have that glass of wine! But, what I am saying is invest in YOUR body!!!! After all, you only have one of them in this life!

Starting the Isagenix super foods system has truly been such a motivating factor in my life in the past 3 months! I have mixed their products with the gym a few times a week and have gotten AMAZING results! I’ve tried every damn protein shake under the sun and theirs is legit the smoothest, best flavor EVER! Not to mention they are 24 grams of the highest quality indenatured whey protein! Their products have helped me shed weight, gain energy and just feel better in general! The community that surrounds Isagenix is freaking AMAZING! The most positive, uplifting and encouraging men & women on the planet!! The best part, there is something for EVERYONE in their different product lines, including: weight loss, energy, performance (helps to maximize your workout, pre and post), and healthy aging!

If you are interested in learning more about the products and systems, email me (acresandanchors@gmail.com) and we can chat! I’m telling you, you won’t regret it!

SIDE NOTE: Isagenix does NOT sponsor me, I am sharing with y’all because I truly just LOVE their products 😉



Come As You Are

Those 4 little words…. COME AS YOU ARE. They are so powerful. I couldn’t help but marinate on what they actually mean. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized that God truly wants YOU for who YOU are. I spent so many years always starting over. I would go to church, have a spiritual and life changing experience and be super charged up…. and thennnn I would have one slip up and in my eyes, I was ruined. Not good enough. Not worthy of His love. This is so wrong. He wants us for who we are, the good AND the bad. I don’t think I truly grasped this concept (don’t get me wrong, I’m still a work in progress) until we lost my dad almost 4 years ago. We had so many amazing people, ones we knew and lots that we didn’t, share their favorite things about him. There were so many qualities of his that I was so proud of and admired, but the one that stood out to me the most was his ability to make people feel wanted and special; to let people “come as they are.”  That man could get along with ANYONE: the saint, the sinner, the alcoholic, the priest. He was his true self and that radiated. He didn’t need validation or confirmation from anything or anyone worldly to find his confidence in. He allowed people to be who they were and celebrated in that. A TRUE gift! It has been a goal of mine since then to strive for that, making people feel that can come to me no matter their state. Everyone has their own demons and battles to face, so why not lift others. Use your strengths to help someone else fight their shortcomings. Not judging people for their sins and encouraging them instead. This brings up my concern with our current political situation. It breaks my heart. Why so much hate? Nobody should be pointing their finger because ‘we the people’ are perpetuating it. Why is it so bad that we have different beliefs? Weren’t we created that way? To love, create, work, and think differently. All coming together in ONE way to celebrate our Creator? So, lets think BEFORE we speak, instead of after. Lets have more compassion for the person in the opposite seat as us. Lets pray for peace and unity! Lets come together and make this world the best it can possibly be…showing acceptance and love over rejection and hate!


God doesn’t want something from us, He simply wants us.” -C.S. Lewis

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BEST mom hack (Snap and Shop Tray)

ATTENTION ALL MULTI-TASKING MAMAS: I officially have the best mom hack secret on the market… the Snap and Shop Tray! I am OBSESSED!! One of my biggest struggles has always been taking my wiggly, busy boy to the grocery store with me. He will not sit still for anything and half of the time I end up having to carry him AND push the cart aka huge pain in the you know what!!! The snap and shop tray has officially become my go-to accessory that I will not leave home without! It has 2 separate sections and a secure, leak-free lid that attaches to the top to transport to and from the store! The adjustable snap fits on all carts and detaches so that the tray can go in the dishwasher! AMAZING!! While we were shopping, I had a ton of moms approach me asking where I got it and even moms with older kids saying “Man, I wish that was around when my kiddos were young!” The best part, these babies are only $14.99 (even cheaper with the discount code below) and they come in 3 gorgeous colors!! Now, the real question is… how do I convince my kids to push ME around the store while I snack in the cart?! haha

Use discount code “15%OFF” to receive 15% off your whole order! Happy Shopping 🙂

XOXO- Sarah

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A girl + her guys

ATTENTION boy mamas!!! Our prayers have been answered!! Haberdash Soul Co has created the cutest mama kimonos with matching joggers for our little guys (they also make the sweetest little girl kimonos to match as well)!! The material is buttery soft & they just launched their gorgeous “Voyager Collection” which is full of the most beautiful fall tones & prints!

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Sarah >> Kimono: Haberdash Soul Co // Romper: Target // Shoes: MukLuks (Amazon) // Necklace: Purpose Jewelry

Asher >> Joggers: Haberdash Soul Co // Toque beanie: My Mila // V-neck: Burts Bees Baby // Moccasins: Minnetonka Moccasin

Branson >> Joggers: Haberdash Soul Co // Moccasins: Freshly Picked


Mother + Son

Oh y’all… the love between a mother & son is so indescribable. I often let my mind wonder about their futures, who they will marry, and dream of big + loud holidays at our home with a million grandkids, lots of food & love! Kelly of http://www.kellydierphotography.com did an amazing job capturing the love between my sweet Asher boy & his momma and I will forever cherish these photos!

View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one IMG_4564 View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one View More: http://kellydierphotography.pass.us/asher-one


XOXO – Sarah


Photographer: http://www.kellydierphotography.com // Asher toque hat: http://www.mymila.ca // Roundie towel: http://swimzip.com // Asher romper: http://childhoodsclothing.com // My kimono: http://www.bluegreenaqua.com // Asher trucker hat: http://harperlovelittles.com // Asher distressed denim: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FarmFreshDenim // My bracelet: Rocksbox // Teepee: http://www.landofnod.com


Kimono Life

Y’all!! I have been wearing Kimonos for a hot minute now! They are my best friend because no matter what stage of life I’m in, they work! They are so easy to dress up (with a cute pair of wedges/heels) or dress down (with cowboy boots)! However,my FAVORITE part of kimonos is the fact that you can wear them before, during & after pregnancy!! PinkBlush is one of my go-to’s because they offer a wide variety of clothing for all 3 stages in a woman’s life! Their shop not only offers amazing quality products for an amazing price, but also amazing customer service and FREE SHIPPING! Although they are infamous for their beautiful & affordable maternity line, they now offer clothing for EVERY woman, pregnant or not! There is something for everyone, so do yourself a huge favor & check them out >> http://www.shoppinkblush.com



Kimono // Felt Floppy Hat // Similar Long Tank //Similar legging 1 // Similar legging 2 // Similar Wedge

This is the good stuff…

So this morning I dropped Bran off to school & took Asher to his 8 week appt aka shots!Ughh the worst… especially for mommy! :(He fell asleep right after the shots so I decided to stop by Panera to grab a breakfast sammy & some caffeine to start the day! A beautiful older woman came over to us and was oohing & aahing over Asher and how precious he was. She then stopped talking and just stared at him and then looked at me and said “this is the good stuff!” Such a simple statement, but her words continued to replay in my head. She was right. This IS the good stuff. The days are long, but the years are short. These are the times we will look back at in 20 years and laugh at how we handled everything! This life is not a dress rehearsal, we are living in it! Let’s soak up every moment as best we can, good AND bad! I have learned (after having a second baby), that sometimes it’s better to sit and hold your baby then to worry about the piles of laundry & the dishes in the sink. Don’t get me wrong, I fail at that on a regular basis, but I’m trying…trying to worry less about the mess and embrace the present time with my boys!


Heaven is our home!

So it has been a HOT minute since I’ve blogged, but I have something major on my heart today! Ok…. so parenting is EXHAUSTING…rewarding… but exhausting! I love pouring all of myself (somedays more than others) into my little babes! They have brought me SO much joy and meaning to this life! However, I feel like my relationship with Jesus is at a stand still because I have failed to take the time for myself, by myself. Like… I know Jesus is there and I thank Him everyday for my beautiful life, however I have stopped taking the time to get to know Him more! Anyone other mamas feel this way?

So… with that being said, I decided (during nap time) to start re-exploring my intimate relationship with Him! I found a devotional that I started, but never finished, and opened to a random page to get some inspiration! The topic was “Heaven is Home.” This spoke right to me today! We get so wrapped up in our daily stresses and sometimes forget that Heaven is our TRUE home! Our earthly life is so short in comparison to what we have waiting for us in Heaven! In John 16:33, Jesus tells us HE has overcome the troubles of this world. We should trust Him, and we should obey His commandments. When we do, we can withstand any problem, knowing that our troubles are temporary, but that Heaven is not! I am totally guilty of letting negative things take over my mood and even the way I treat my husband, kids, family & friends! I think this is a battle that most people go through on a daily basis! Lets encourage each other mamas! We NEED time for ourselves too! I believe that being a mom requires a lot of self-sacrifice (which is totally worth it), but this is not something that we can afford to loose! The more that we get to know our Maker, the more that we can share this unconditional love with not only our babies, but everyone around us!

One of these days, our Father will scoop us up in His strong arms and we will hear Him say those sweet and comforting words, “Come on, child. We’re going home”  -Gloria Gaither

Bumpstyle Box

Anyone that is rocking a bump these days needs to check out BUMPstyle Box ASAP!!! It is the coolest concept and I was lucky enough to collaborate with the awesome women behind the idea & got to play dress-up with some of the gorgeous options that could be included in your box! It is super easy and extra convenient for women on the go, who don’t have time to go shopping for themselves (and their growing bumps)!

First, you fill out their style profile, which includes questions about your style, lifestyle & budget. Then, you are paired with a personal stylist who handpicks 4-6 items just for you and even writes you a handwritten note on how to style and wear each item!! Finally, you receive the box and get to try on the beautiful items in your own home and on your own time! The coolest part is that you are not charged for anything until you receive the box & pick the items you would like to keep. Then, you simply put the items you want to pass on back in the prepaid box and send them back… it’s THAT easy, seriously!!

Below are some of the looks I received in my box 🙂